Doctor Tonhão

Hello there!
This was a quick sketch I did yesterday. Started by modelling the head in Sculptris. Used Cycles for the Rendering. Just did some tweaks in photoshop, such color correction and others camera fx.
Hope you like It.:smiley:

I’m not sure I like it, but I think I do. I assume there’s some sort of back story to him, I’m not familiar with the character. Maybe a quick note about who he is would help me.

It looks like this character could be very expressive while still looking brutish(which would make him an amazing anti-villian in a stylized short). Did you retopo him?

He looks interesting, that is for sure. He also looks very determined.

If I may offer some critique, the texture on his cheekbones resembles the texture around his mouth and chin. Around his mouth and chin it brings to mind stubble - which is why it would probably be best continued along his jaw line, and removed from the cheekbone.