Doctor Who is coming back

Great fan i admit,
did this one a while back, originally trying to recreate the earth in cycles. Needed something nice to add to the scene and went for the TARDIS.
Quite simple but works. Maybe gonna animate a little flight of the TARDIS towards the earth when there is capacity left.


Normally i would not reply to my own post just wondering, 120+ views and 70 downloads but no comment? I know it is a simple scene but what do you think? Always like to get some feedback. Let me know if someone wants a High-Res version of this, changes or the TARDIS on blendswap.

It’s way to dark. I can hardly see the TARDIS. The size of the moon and earth are not right. It might be better to bring the moon closer to the camera where you only see a sliver of it on the right side as if the TARDIS is going past the moon on the way to the earth.

And there is no “sun” light on the TARDIS.

Thank you for your reply,

at first i had the moon filling the left quarter of the screen and the TARDIS going past it towards the earth. Maybe i´ll try that one again.
The real proportions earth/moon were not nice to look at because the difference is huge and one is going to be very small. So i decided to make the moon bigger than it is. Could look better if i rearrange the earth and moon.
On the lighting part of the TARDIS i had the problem that normally one side would receive no light and that looks really bad. Do you mean that i should increase the intensity of the sun? I will take another look at the scene.