Doctor Who Regeneration

Hello everyone. I’m working on a regeneration effect from Doctor Who. I’m basically using a smoke simulation with some particles as the flow source. Here is my latest Image (starring Suzanne).

I like what I have as the base particle effect. I’ll probably need to add a few more force fields. The other things I can think of is the face glow, and maybe a face morph.

Seems decent as a starting point. BIt hazy though. WHich stage are you trying to make? The way I see it, you have one system for the small amount at the starts, then a second set flowing at a much faster rate when everything is truly underway. The first set would be slower, of course, and have a shorter life.

At this point I’m not really aiming for a specific stage. I was just trying to get the smoke trails right. It took like ten seconds, but I don’t have high res on or anything.

I’m currently rendering a Face glow. I’ll post that tomorrow.

Here is my effect.

The animation isn’t all that good but is only to show the idea.