Doctor Who renders

Has anyone tried to model any of the doctors from Doctor Who? Matt Smith would probably be very difficult.

i have seen a few David tennant renders. he seems to be a favorite.

Thats cool. I wonder if anyone could model Tom Baker?

If a 3D artist is well versed in the art of topology and modeling techniques, then a human model would not be too difficult.

In these cases, the clothing could actually be trickier (which depends on we’re talking about a fancy, multi-layered suit or a simple T-shirt).

You can also use generators like Daz Studio and Makehuman to get a base to work off of, but the model might look derivative as a result (ie. actually looking like the hundreds of other models made in the same program).

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Modeling Smith’s bow tie and running a cloth simulation on itwould be very difficult. Also, does anyone know of a good source of reference for Smith? I would love to try and do a render of him.

You are very brave indeed! Have you tried They seem to have over 18k of Doctor Who photos, but I didn’t do a search for Matt Smith.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could show him in official Gallifreyian clothing?

I thought this image would be great in 3D: It would be hard to do, but wow would it be amazing.

This effect is difficult to make

That sounds fun!
If anyone does, they should make it an animation to experiment with his scarf fabric.