Doctor Who TARDIS - From Mesh to Model

I’ve been recuperating from some nerve damage in my back so instead of sitting at a computer and virtually building something I’ve been standing up and physically building something. A 1:8 scale Tardis.

Here is the Blender model:

And here is the physical build up so far:

I have since cut the steps for the tops of the walls and doors as well as cut all of the beveled trim for the remaining walls/doors (and have even glued most of it together).

That’s really good. Will you be wiring it (lights)?

I want one. :slight_smile:

Brilliant series that is. Anxious to see season 3.

Yes, lights and sound. Hopefully with sound anyway. Once I’m done I may entertain building the newest version. There are just so many bits to cut and glue.

Been a little while. But time for an update…

The window is a prototype to work out the construction process, it won’t be staying.

The infamous steps