Doctor Who Time Tunnel

Hello, it’s me again. My friends and i are making a Doctor Who Fan Film and i’ve been tasked with doing all the special effects - including the opening credits. As you can see i’ve made a fairly successful (and accurate) Tardis but I’ve come up with a block in making the time tunnel effect itself. If anyone has any ideas it would be great! I’ve tried doing particle systems but generally it doesn’t come out gaseous enough, and in a tunnel effect very well. If someone can give some good settings i think particles would be the best and quickest effect. My time doing it is fairly unlimited but I do want to get this done quickly so i can working on compositing ghosts :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice model! Maybe it would help if we knew what the time tunnel is supposed to look like…

Something like this, if possible:

For 2005/2006 the time tunnels look kind of like this, or like this. The 2006 series preview also features a second or so of a slower time tunnel at the end.

Oh, little bit of geek trivia. The time tunnel colour depends on the direction of time travel. Red indicates a trip to the future, and blue indicates a trip to the past.

Oops, the third link was actually a preview of the Christmas Special. This is the link to the 2006 preview.

Slightly off topic, you can’t really tell that well from the low quality encoding but those cat people aliens look really damn good at TV resolutions. Plus I’m now rather excited about the new Cybermen.

Thanks for the links :stuck_out_tongue: I’d set myself to doing a simpler version with te pic i sent but if someone could help me do ones like those it would be fantastic!

I’m still gonig on the time tunnel, but as a break from the frustration I did a short test of a tardis arriving sequence, it’s only a couple of seconds long but C+C would be welcome.
tardis arrive.avi
The iamge background has nothing to do with our film, as we haven;t started “Principle photography” yet. If anyone has had any genius brainwaves for a tunnel, I’m rapidly running out of ideas here. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say for the arrival anim you’ve got a couple of niggly little problems. 1, it happens too fast, in only 2 pulses. 2, The TARDIS goes completely solid for both pulses. If you watch a TARDIS sequence in the show you’ll notice that it fades in a bit, then back out , then in again but a little more than last time, then out again, but not completely, then in a bit more, then out a bit less and so on. But it looks pretty good otherwise, though the resolution of the clip is a little low to tell for sure how well it’s been comped in.

Thanks for the tips, it’s good to have an expert on hand for doing this sort of thing :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve just started getting somewhere with the time tunnel as well so i’ll post improvements for both soon. I’ve made it “unique” to get a feel rather than an accurate reperesentation because that was what was making it so hard in the first place.

It;s funny i was expecting waaaay more Doctor Who fans to be replying but obviously there aren;t as many around as i thought there would :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I did it! I made a time tunnel. I know that it doens;t look like the bbc one very much but i think it’s good enough
:stuck_out_tongue: plus it’s got the approval of my co-producer :stuck_out_tongue: what do people think? admittedly i won;t be bale to do anything more to it until i have another spare weekend to render each layer. However whilst doing the tardis animation keyframing i have come up against another problem. The way the computer works out what happens between each keyframe, menas that my TARDIS seems to fall apart and put itself back together again. is there a way of stopping this? whats actually causing it? The tardis is amde from about 6 parts which all rotate in different directions in the animation preview. I cannot join them without the textures going skewed. Please help!!!


That’s really quite nifty. Only thing I’d suggest if try and having it a bit more convoluted instead of more or less straight, and maybe it would look nicer if it ran faster, but you’re definately on the right track there.

Also, feel free to ignore this one, but maybe having the odd lens flare or two appear in the tunnel sequence would help sell it? Generally I think use of lens flares should be kept to a minimum, but perhaps there’s a case for using them here.

the rotation problem should be easy to fix,

go to the uv window and check out the ipo, it’s probably just that they are slightly out of sync or something.

could you show us a pic of what’s going wrong? it would help alot.

or maybe even an animation, to a low res test render with just the opengl
(the little window button on the header + control)