Documentary about the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

This was finished around 7 months ago, but I completely forgot to post it here. I’ve used everything from Blender 2.79 to blender 2.81( 2.82 alpha too I think). It’s gotten over a million views till now. :slight_smile:

I’m no expert at Animating, sooooo… xP I did my best… Most of the 3D is done by me, there are a few models that i’ve downloaded and modified for my use. Mostly rendered in Eevee, and a little bit rendered in cycles.

The character is make in the Mb-Lab addon and modified to suit my needs…


Would Like to help me out with a short film based on chirstianity? I see that people are inspired and appreciate your work. How like to help me

Send an email here if you are interested:
[email protected]

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Even though I would like to help you out, It’s very hard for me. :slight_smile: Me and my wife has been working for 18 years creating videos for youtube, and we’re already in the process of making more… If I had more time, I would most likely say yes, but as for now, I will have to respectully decline. :slight_smile: I’m sorry, I just don’t have enough hours in the days to get everything done… xP

But I would be interested in knowing more about your project on the other hand. :slight_smile: Always interesting to see what people make… :slight_smile:

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Good maybe you can share the Movie Trailer with your Audience so they can get excited and support the film. By watching it on my movie channel or fanthom events.

Exciting right, I’ll give you the details once the trailer is finished. Glad to hear from you.

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