Documentary art needed

Looking for someone to create some aninmation and also the Video intro using Blender software for an amateur documentary…Compensation for good work.
Call me Gil at 312-498-2541 if interested.


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I specialise in motion graphics work, mostly using Blender these days. Have a look at my work on and send me an email if interested.


I have a solid background in animation and motion graphics. Experience in Blender and After Effects. Check out my reel at and send me a pm if interested.

I can definitely do the Documentary intro. I’ve done intro work for a few artists already. If you’d like to check my youtube page, you can see some of the work done.

I did the intro for Armageddon’s “Dance with the Devil” video, I also did cover art work for David Banner, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Tony Touch. So, if at all interested, I can help you out.

You can see some of my work at


Please send me the details to [email protected]