Documentary intro

I’m doing a CG clip for an intro for a documentary some friends of mine are doing. I’m thinking it needs a bit of particle effects or something; what do you think?

Click the “watch in high quality” link for a better picture, if your bandwidth will handle it.

I knew it. You hate it. :slight_smile:

Its fine! Just very short…
There isn’t that much to comment on.

Anyways, if this is the intro, i would drag it out a little.
You barely have enough time to read the text.

This is the very last part of the intro. The rest is live action.

What’s the docu about?

The name gives nothing away. Neither does the intro.

Docu’s often have names like “life of grime” “the hunt for osama bin-laden” that explain what the docu is about.

True. They don’t have a catchy name yet, but it’s about the problem of induction as it relates to science and atheism.

EDIT: I’ll be adding that part when I get it.