Documentation sub-forum?

I had an idea that this forum could use a documentation sub-forum for updating old docs, creating new docs and requesting documentation.

Sticky threads for missing documentation, errors in docs, for user submitted documentation…

Or would this be ovelapping with Blender Documentation Project or others in your opinion?

Please comment.

there is a tutorials subsection… I’d say that’s exactly what that is for.

Tutorial, IMHO, is a totally different animal from documentation.

Tutorials tell you how to create things with Blender.

Documentation tells you where all the bells and whistles are in Blender and work as a reference.

As volume of different threads and documents (tuts and refs) goes up, we need finer resolution (ie. separation between tuts and refs).

What I propose is for tracking the state of existing documentation and for improving these.

So I guess we do not agree there. :slight_smile: