Dödens lek (The game of death)


Hello I’m back, my computer crashed and I lost all my work. My last game “The Adventures of Tom Bombadil” was lost. So that is why I haven’t updated it, there is nothing to update anymore.

I have taken a break from blender, but is feeling creative again and want to create something new but in a completely different style. Many people might argue that it’s a cooler and less childish style.

I just watched that old movie, “The Seventh seal” and was thinking of how interesting it would be to play death in person. So I started to brainstorm and got a bunch of interesting gothic dark ideas.


Death as a character isn’t necessarly evil. He only appears to be evil since man fears him. I recon since death has existed since the world came into being. He must be very intelligent and wise. Obviously he wouldn’t be using any weapons, instead he would use his intelligence and wit like he does in the seventh seal by playing chess with the fallen knight to win his soul.

This would be the goal in the game. To trick or win over the man/woman’s soul. So I was thinking a first person puzzle game would be the obvious choice for a game featuring death as a character. With puzzle game I mean really old school first person games, think The Dust: The tales of the wired west and that fantasy first person game that I can’t remember the name of. You know the games that were popular back on the windows 95 and macintosh.

Here is a concept I made of death, the antlers makes him stand out more from the typical haloween character.


So what is this some kind of go get the key and unlock that door to get to that object to do that. Yes kind of, but I was thinking of making it a bit more complicated than just going from A to B and bypass the obstacles by getting keys.

There won’t be any moving camera, one will not be able to look up and down and to the sides using the mouse. The mouse will be used to click on things, examine and pick up objects. And you will only be able to look in a horizontal panoramic view. Using the arrow keys to move around.

This has to be a brain game where instead of focusing on moving fast or clicking the button at the right time. One actually has to think, riddles and maps would be nice. Here is a scenario:

You have to win over the soul of a farmer that lives in medeival Europe. Before the mission starts you get a short briefing and some basic info of the person. You find out that the person wakes up around 5am to get the work. His shores consists of giving food to the animals in the barn.

Now you somehow have to outwit the farmer, what would be the easiest way to kill a 50 year old man at that place in that time. Then the player has to think and do a lot of things, like for example in this order.

  1. Find and catch a rat.
  2. Unlock the fence to the horses so they can break free.
  3. Wait for the farmer to go in and then you release the rat and the horse will go crazy.
  4. Horse will kick the man in the head ending his life.

Now the man will talk to you in text form and plead for his soul. Ask death if he can think of his children and wife etc and what kind of state they would be in if he left. I’m not sure what would happen now, but maybe some kind of challenge or riddle similar to what happens in that movie the seventh seal.

Like for example answering a hard riddle;

Hear me knock
Ear cannot hear
As you ponder and think
Rereading the facts
The answer lies within

What am I?

ANSWER: I am a Heart (first letter of each line).
Maybe you have 3 tries, or maybe a timer. If you can’t figure it out you loose the soul. These levels don’t have to be small either they can be quite long with much harder tasks.



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So what do you think of this game concept? It’s all very sketchy but I think it could be something out of the ordinary and could be quite cool. It could be expanded or changed of course. It would be nice to get some constructive criticism or maybe some ideas outside of ones own brain.


I like this genre of game alot, very simplistic gameplay, with a lot of thinking. Sounds like the only difficult part would be thinking up scenarios. I can’t help at the moment, but best of luck, and I look forward to playing.

I’m sorry to here you lost allof that hard work Gudra. But I like the idea of this game. It sounds like a more dark, and sinister version of Myst. The point and click game that took me forever to get through. Just remember to keep a recent back-up of all your work this time. When my PC went to shit, I had a back-up but it wasn’t up to date, and I lost about a weeks worth of work on Mid-Drift. I now back-up every day…lol.
Good luck.

Im very sorry For the Blends lost =(!!!
well I know Your skills are great So, This project will be very good.
Thumbs up and Dont look back =)

Very diferent idea, I think that the movie that you mentioned is the one that a guy play chess with the grim reaper.
I prefer to defy the death than be the death but I really dont have a clue about what kind of experience I ll have playing your game, i think that ll be cool to see what ll came out and lets do the things right for now ok!
Good luck and good job!

Tolkien wrote alot of those riddles, like

It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
It lies behind stars and under hills,
And empty holes it fills.
It comes first and follows after,
Ends life, kills laughter.

Or my personal favourite;

Voiceless it cries,
Wingless flutters,
Toothless bites,
Mouthless mutters.

He has written more of those, they could be usefull :slight_smile: Anyway, nice concept, it could turn out to be something good. :wink:

(Anwser 1; darkness, Anwser 2; The wind)

Ok started to work on death’s model. I kind of like the front view and 45 degree angle view. But I’m not sure about the side view. Please rip it apart for me so I can fix it. It might be the hood, but I’m not sure what is wrong with it.

(Check first post for screen)

Pretty good basis, couple of things though, the antlers look weird from the side-view, they should be more three dimensional. He (?) is also looking a bit like a women from the side (especially the middle part of his body). Also, the hood has a weird scale, it’s to small. I think it would look better if you’d make it more like an AC-hood, overlapping the shoulders. :wink:

Thanks for the crits, updated the first post with a new screenshot. Please rip it apart again so I can make it look better. Still looking for members :wink:

DARK looks scary though.:eek:

Also try to add effects like glowing red eyes or something. Dont forget to rig properly and add extra textures for details.
oh btw it looks good so far.Good Luck!

Textures and rig will come, red “glowing” eyes. No that is what turns great work into nerdy star wars shit. Dark yes, scary though? What is so bad about it being scary, it’s death. Death is scary to most people…all games can’t be glowly bloom flitered super mario’s. I won’t texture it before it’s perfect, so please crit it…

I love star wars shit, thank god they made that otherwise the cinema would not be what is what is today( for good and worse).
But I agree that red glowing eyes maybe are too mutch, for me guys with that white weird eyes scares me more than the red ones.
aniway I wich you luck the drawing is very nice and the modell too! congratulations

I love star wars shit, thank god they made that otherwise the cinema would not be what is what is today

You think the movies they release today are good? Tell me one great movie from the last 5 years. There is not a single one…

It’s looking nice. Though I’ve always percieved Death as faceless. Every one sees it different, but to me it leaves it more mysterious.

Well, actually to me. Death would just be the Cloak.

Why would death have no face? Here is what death is thought to look like, these are drawings from 200 or so years ago. He was depicted as a living skeleton in a black cape with a scythe. I will skip the scythe though, it’s too cliche to put that rediculous scythe on him. Anyway no constructive crits at all? O.o

Why would Death have antlers? I was just giving my view about it. Those are “as you said” what Death is THOUGHT to look like. I like your depiction. And the Model is well done. I wouldn’t change anything on it, and would say it’s game ready.

I second that opinion, if there is only a hood then the mind will fill the gap, if it is dark that is. We learned about it in school as gestalt theory. For example if you are shown a circle, that has not been fully drawn, then you will still perceive it as a circle.

Here is a link to the article on Wikipedia

What can you possibly fill the black space with that is scarier than a skull? Tell me I’m interested in what you fear most of all. Remember this is death, what could possible be a more appropiate face to death himself but a skull. What would you fill it in with??

Nothing. Hollow Darkness. Emptiness. That to me is far scarier than a skull.
But, again. That’s just my opinion. Not an argument. You can fill it with whatever you want.
You asked for constructive criticism. I gave it.

No that isn’t constructive criticism it’s your opinion. Also hollow darkness…one does know since looking at the body of the character, that he has got a head. If his face is dark one knows there is a face there, just one doesn’t know what that face looks like. If you are afraid of the dark…that is your problem. I think few people actually are, or those that are over the age of six anyway.

Anyway, the question is…what is the most scary face you can imagine on death. Because he has a face, looking at the model one understands this. I take the darkness comment kind of like an insult, since you just say nothing would be better than what is already there. If you can’t say what you want there instead. Or what you imagine there to be if it would be dark. Then your “criticism” was nothing but an insult…