Dodge Challenger 2015

Hey there,
this is my first attempt on making a car. Actually, this is my first ever “serious” project and render. It took me roughly a week to finish and I am most likely not gonna make any improvements or change since I hit my deadline for this project. Still, i would very much enjoy some criticism. This was rendered in 2.79 with cycles render.


Amazing job for a first attempt at a car (much better than my first). The lighting setup seems to be holding the renders back; you clearly put a lot of work into the model, and you want to show it off as best you can. The paint looks really good up close, but just check some of the more distant reflections here (again, lighting), to make it look more metallic than plastic - reference images are your friend.

Overall it’s an outstanding job for a first ‘serious’ project, especially with environment renders. It can only get better from here!

Thanks for the advise! I figured something was wrong with the car but didnt quite know what it was, i also might have forgotten some minor details on the shader after experimenting with it.
I’ll keep lighting in my mind for my next renders.