Dodge Challenger

I started this project almost a year ago, and am now finally calling it finished. I finished most of the modelling fairly quickly, and then spent ages trying different failed rendering setups including my first time using an HDRI backplate which I am posting below. The model is up on BlendSwap: so you can check that out.
Special thanks to Impreza09 who helped me a lot with the modelling and rendering!
without further words you probably won’t read either, here are the renders:

P.S. view the first two in full rez!

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Here are some more renders:


Last ones:


Any questions? please ask!
Comments and critiques are always welcome.

Very cool, and the typology is very neat

This turned out really well in the end! I’m speaking of the studio renders though, I’m afraid the hdri ones look a bit off… The first one is quite good, but the colours look a bit weird (seems like the shader might be guilty)… But then I tried backplate integration too and its quite difficult… So I guess the tip I can give you is to use Photoshop / gimp freely to fix little details and specially colours, if you’re not too good with the compositor as I am, he he… But I guess you know that already, so, I think all I really have to say is good job!

PS. I don’t really remember helping you with the rendering, did I?

I’m blown away by your first render, it looks absolutely amazing.

Hey, you have done it, you have finished the project, really good result, i especially like the studio renders :wink:

Nice work! Congrats on finishing a nice model of a very cool car. I like the little one of it on the asphalt the best.

Thanks! I tried hard to have good topology.

Thanks, yes the hdri renders is nowhere near perfect, and I will and do rely on the gimp a lot.
(You helped with the rendering by showing me your suggested setup, and that gave me a couple ideas for lighting in my studio renders.)

Thank you very much, I’m glad it amazed you, though take a look around, and you can find some much better renders. Be careful, that you don’t get blown away too much :wink:

Yes! I finally finished, I’m glad you like it. Thanks.

Thanks! I’m glad you like it. :slight_smile:

The model is finally up on BlendSwap. be sure to check it out.

Hey!!! this looks great @ctdabomb

Great job, looks good.

Thank you both! I appreciate it.

I think the step between the window and the sheet metal is to deep. The gap at the top of the windshield is most important for aerodynamics thus I look there first and yours is uneven. In my neighborhood there is a charger (without SRT) parked, and it looks well manufactured.

Impressive wheels and headlights.

Man! Looks gorgeous! Did you use blueprints? which ones? could you post a link? :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yes, there are several things wrong with this model, and thank you for pointing them out.

Thank you, I’m glad you like it. I used two different sets of blueprints while modelling the body. You can easily find blueprints for this car online with varying degrees of quality. None of them were super detailed, (at least the ones I found while looking) but they were certainly good enough to model the car. You will just have to find the set you like the best. (sorry, no link. I don’t remember which ones I went with.)

hey guys,

the first render is not bad! Maybe some teaking on the colors to fit the car perfectly in the HDR.

Nice work :slight_smile:

I like your concept…Keep up the good work my friend.