Dodge Charger

Hello, my first work for this year : another car :wink:

Happy new year.

sweet,muscle cars rock ;).
nice model, looks pretty clean.

i tried modelling a gt500 some time ago but i got lazy and didnt finish it =[

One of my all time favorite cars speedtiti. Actual, my favorite is the Superbird, but I will never be able to afford to own one. :wink: I love old Mopar products.

This looks fantastic. Great model and very true to the car.


o0o0o gen lee orange, oh yea, now you need to finish it! lol,
but i think it looks great so far!!

mmmm my dad used to have one on them, he sold it for 9 grand about 20 years ago :<

and the other side %|

Kick ass.

The fact that you’ve put glass on the doors tells me you’re not doing the General Lee. If that’s the case, you need to add some 70’s flash to that car! You need to jack the back up and put some racing flats on the rear wheels. You could have a air scoop and blowers. And don’t forget - any gearhead is going to add a spoiler.

oh my god! that is some kick butt modeling there… wonderful color, and wholely realistic looking… although, when you open the door… is the glass supposed to touch like that? hmm


great model! more OSA please!