Dodge Power Wagon REVISITED

Hi all!

So, like many artists, I wanted to revise one of my old renders with all of the techniques I’ve learned since the original publication.

I decided to revisit my Dodge Power Wagon because I absolutely love the vehicle. They look sleek, classic and aggressive but my original render did not show that. My original render gave the feeling of a warm and happy day. The emotion that came from the image was not correct, so, I went back to fix it, I also wanted to see how much I can improve a old piece of work, and well, I feel it turned out way better then the original.

Constructive criticism is appreciated! :smiley:

Awesome! I love the gritty feel you get with this image!

I agree, the feeling of this render better fits the truck itself. The color gradient in the background from the reddish/brown to the icy grey sort of feels like the truck is breaking out from its previous warm, happy scene and into the storm. Love it :smiley:

Don’t have time to make a more complex comment so I’ll just leave in it “AWESOME”.

I like it! A great old truck! The deformation of the tire is a nice touch and the over all mood of the image conveys what I would expect of this truck. Nice Work!

Thank you all for the really kind words! :smiley:

Yes, the tire deformation makes a huge difference in how the viewer perceives the weight of the 3D model, without the deformation, it was either have the tire clip, which is ok, but because the tire in this render is such a huge focal point, the viewer would of thought “That tire is clipped” instead of “Wow, that truck looks heavy”. Also thank you for the compliments!