dodge\roll problem

hi everyone. i’m working on a 3d person template and i’m having trouble making my character dodge\roll.

i tried animating the character box, but regardless of its physique it goes through walls or slope ground.

force or servo don’t seem to be the way to go neither since they don’t give me enough control.

how can i make dodge or jump movement with animation without going through walls or slope terrains?

I would use two spheres one as the ‘root’ of your actor physics,
the other is parented to the root object, and is moved so the top of the sphere, reaches the top of your actor, when you press the dodge button, you unparent the ‘upperbody sphere’ and move it down to the center of the root sphere, a little each frame, then parent it again to the root object,

ensure ‘compound’ is checked in physics

does not work for triangle mesh, or convex hull physics hulls.

this ‘Root object’ can behave like a dynamic, or rigid body while your armatue can also play animations.


what I am talking about, is having the physics bound shape change,

if you change the shape, and move it at the same time, and play an animation,
you should get the effect you are looking for.

for instance, the actors armature can do a roll, while the physics bound shrinks, and the whole actor is moved in a direction.

more smoke and mirrors*

thank bpr for the answer, i get what you say, but my problem is that when the physique bound of my character quickly jump back, it goes through walls. i’m not talking about the model, but the physique box itself.

how are you moving it?

with forces or with change location?

with animation

ok, you don’t move the physics hit box with animations, you move it with forces, and the forces line up with the animation,

you can also change location, and use a ray to check to see if the way is clear, and if not don’t move.

I think I’m going to use dloc to move along with the ray method. Thanks for your advice

ok, i still have to work on the movement but i just finished the lock on system and i wanted to share.
MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON to toggle lock on the nearest enemy.
MOUSE MOVEMENT to rotate the camera,
RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to change camera view
WASD to move
and SPACEBAR to dodge (but it’s still broken)

untitled002_v2.blend (741 KB)


untitled002_v2.blend (741 KB)