Dodge Viper 2013

2014 Dodge Viper SRT Stryker

So hear it is dodge Viper good choose now i am thinking about mine.

btw clay render is done in?

cycles. whole thing is gonna be cycles, whith some internal overlays for smoke on the drift render

Looks good to me, the only thing that I can see that you probably think is a problem is the stitching as it goes over the gaps. :RocknRoll:

It does on the real car also.

i appreciate the reply. ill see if i can give it a bit more of a man made feel in those areas

Hope that shader works for you and I can’t wait to see how this one will turn out

im doing the post processing on the lamborghini RIGHT NOW. should be up tonight i hope

I meant the car shader I gave you?

i know, im sry, i know you had been waiting for the lambo though

Trust me it will be worth the wait and everyone will love it. I guarantee it will be my background for a while

this is a beautiful clay render. I want to see what the rest of the car will look like.

me too… LOL!

I guerantee unless i can get the exposure right im gonna be prety pissed. im having a hell of a time making exposure adjustments

It should be better if you have more patience.

took me 8 hours to get that steering wheel right, then im moving onto the seats then ill start modeling the chassis.

I think it looks really good, i great start for an exciting project :slight_smile: The Viper has always been one of my favorite cars, so I will follow this project.
How did you do the logo in the center? Model it or displacement?

no. i modeled it out by hand. took about 10 minutes. just traced it.

Nice work then :slight_smile:

thank you. my goal is to keep the smae level of detail throughout the whole int if i can. im really scared my pc is gonna crash long before i finnish this project. the poly count is prety outrageous.

It’s strange how 3ds Max can display 8 million polygons without breaking a sweat, but in Blender you have to enable VBO’s and turn off double sided shading just so it can feel comfortable with 1 million…