Dodge viper roadster

Hi ya’ll

Im making a dodge viper and its coming out great so I thought to myself I’d post it here and finish it. I know the lights look a bit weird and their not finished yet. Here you have the pics. Cnc plz.

Because that the real world seems to be and got better 3d engine than reality world… or somthing :stuck_out_tongue:

but love it, not finished yet but its great, maybe higher polycount will smuth the light out :), but thats just me

wow, nice modelling. nothing to crittique yet. what did you use, mesh?

I just started by outline the parts that I was certain of. I connect that part and got this model.

I already started on the dashboard. When it is in a further stage ill post it here.

neat. that looks good so far.

I updated the dashboard. Here it is:

Looking great :slight_smile:

The body work looks fine and the paintwork looks nice but the dashboard has some geometric artifacts. Perhaps you used booleans? If so, I recommend modelling manually. Circles are fairly easy to do using subdivisions.

You could increase the subsurf value on the panel.

Very good modeling!

osxrules: I didnt use booleans but I let blender fill it. With shift + F

dhanielc: Ill increase it.