Dodge Viper RT / 10 Finished

(pafurijaz) #1

Download my hard work :smiley:

(BgDM) #2

Excellent work. Interior is great.

Some crits:

  1. The tires need a tread of some kind and look to plastic like. Turn down the spec and the hard values and you will get more of a rubber look.
  2. The edges on the wheel wells and on the rear could be sharper. I assume you used sub-surfs for this, so just extrude those edges one more time and you will still have a nice bevelled look, but a more sharper edge that will look slightly better.

Keep up the good work.


(pafurijaz) #3

Thanks for the critics and the councils. I have only thought to create the car

(bmax) #4

renderitinlightflow :slight_smile: