Dodge Viper rt/10 wip

Hi, yesterday I started to model a viper, so far I modelled the front carbody, rendered in yafray, it took me about 3-4 hours to model this, the new blender tool creases is very helpful, hope you like it :slight_smile:

that’s looking real cool 8)

here’s another yafray render, the last ones were dipshit ;d

Needs OSA. But the model looks nice.

Did you take your reference images here:
If not, then where?

it’s quite nice so far :wink: but I think that the area, under the doors, where the pipe should be isn’t straight ;0

it’s kinda boring to see that every other car is viper here :wink:
but i’m going shut, cause me made that car too :stuck_out_tongue:


mr_bomb: these are test renders, what for osa in a test render? osa will be in the final renders when the whole car is finished

neos: ye right, shut up ;d

planetshein: I have the blueprints from neos, and he says that propably they are from smcars %|

Can you please tell what is “smcars”?
I guess it is a site, can I have a link?

if you just try type “smcars” in google. You would know the exact url.


yup, more renders from yafray and I modelled the front window, and I’m heading to the back of the car :slight_smile:

enjoy :slight_smile:

Dammit, will someday finally learn to turn on OSA…?

Sorry no comment until you turn OSA! :stuck_out_tongue:

And also, if you want us to comment on modeling, post some non mat renders,


like said before, I won’t render with osa on a test render, cause’ this will take too much time, my computer isn’t so fast as yours, I live in a poor country dude ;d some non-material renders will be later, just comment what you see.

very nice.
the door indent is done very well.

unlike some people I can appreciate the problems of having a pos computer at 733 mhz.

you should set the IOR at 0.0 or very low for the glass :stuck_out_tongue:

me thinks that when rendering in blender the low ior is right, but in yafray with constant ior at 1.51 the thin glass refract less than the thick one, in contradistinction to blender :wink:


yyy right ;d

SamAdam: welcome in da club ;d

I’m moving forward with the modelling, and I have more yafray renders for ya 8)

dude, nice model, keep it goin.

It’s looking awesome, can’t wait too see the final product :stuck_out_tongue: .

I am still waiting for no mat renders. :stuck_out_tongue: