Dodge Viper SRT 10 Coupe.

I’ve been working on this car for a day, so i think its a pretty good result. I really need help with a proper studio setup. I’ve seen many tutorials, but i just cant get that “look”. Help would be appreciated.

Luxrender Studio test

Quick update with luxrender and HDRI image.:

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I suggest that you tighten up the model and stick to basic materials and when you are absolutely satisfied, and the model is as close as you think you can get it, then progress on to materials.
from :

before i say too much, can you make a list of things that you already know need fixing, and post it so we can skip the bullshit part of commenting and get to the good stuff :slight_smile:

keep the dedication :slight_smile:

well, theres nothing really to fix except the area near the headlight. The reflection is distorted, so that’ll need fixing.

The only things left to do are the actual headlights, the wheels, and the seems where the car splits up into different sections.

So looking at the photos, there’s absolutely nothing to criticize on? It would be helpful.

OK :slight_smile:
compare these areas with the reference above. There are more areas that deserve a retake, but if you agree I will focus on these first.

i made some changes to 2, 5, and 6. The other parts, i’m not going to change because i like them already.

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Blender internal nodes update

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Good modeling but needs those shutlines

Shutlines ready to go, all thats left are the disk brakes, then some nodes(maybe), and all done!

Rendered with YafaRay:

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With nodes:

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more dodge viper goodness!!

Final Render:



360 Turntable Animation:

Which looks better, the image with nodes, or without nodes??

nice love the turntable

thanks, it came out a bit grainy because the IBL setting was at 8 samples, but render times were reasonable.

Which one do you prefer,t eh image with nodes, or without nodes?

Good job with the turn table man :slight_smile: