Dodge Viper SRT 10 Coupe

Modelled in Blender 2.5. Rendered with Yafaray.


360 Turntable

very nice! inside of the lights need some work… but apart from that i dont see anything wrong with it!

Thanks! The lights have a glass material, but i don’t know why it’s come out as black.

Nice modeling but i think lighting and some materials ( as headlight ) can be improved .:wink:

looks great, but compared to photoreferences the backwindow and how it is enclosed looks flimsy ( i think this is CG too, but it looks sturdy )

Rendered with Yafaray you say? Did you export the scene to 2.4x and render it with Yafaray there then or do 2.5 finally have support for Yafaray?

Anyway, nice work, a little bit reflective but otherwise quite nice :slight_smile:

@NinthJake I appended the car meshes into 2.49b, and the setup was made in that separate file.

@zeffii I’ll see what i can do

Thanks for the comments

I agree with Gabich v nice modelling. The materials, lighting and rendering could do with just a little more work. Good job overall.