Dodge Viper SRT-10

Hi everybody,

I tried for many times to create a car with Blender but always gived up because I realised it wasn’t for my level. I had a lack of experiment. I’m now making a new attempt by modeling the Dodge Viper SRT-10. Here is some renders of my work :

And the tires :

Tell me what you think about it for now and what I could do to improve it a bit.
Sorry if my english is bad. It’s because I’m from Québec, Canada and I mostly speak french.

Thank you very much!


Not bad, just a few topology issues, like transition to headlights, nothing major that i can see from the low resolution screenshot. :wink:
I see you followed the tire tutorial by Andrew Price? or am i wrong
continue on and post more views

Keep it up! I have a heck of a time with cars too. Can we see one with subsurf turned on?

Cool! I love Vipers! Looking forward to it…

Thank you very much for your comments,

@DDD : Thanks, I tried to fix the wire around the headlight area. Sorry for the low-resolution wire. Here is a new screenshot of the wire :

Yes, I followed the Blender Guru’s tutorial and it was really helpful for me because it was the first time I had to model a car wheel.

@kthornbloom : Thanks for the nice comment :slight_smile: Of course you can see the model with the subsurf activated. I made a render with it. Here it is :

The wire isn’t perfect among the front bumper and I will continue to improve it.

Thanks again! :wink:

@Andreu : I visited your blog and your renders are incredible! You really have talent for the compositing. I tried to learn how to do it but it seems like chinese to me :confused:

Thank you for your help DDD,

I took a look on the image you posted and it helped me to make my wire lighter and cleaner.

Here is the wire of the brand new front bumper :

And now the render :

  • I just noticed a mistake on the door but it’s ok now, I fixed it :wink:

Tell me if the shape looks more realistic now.

Thank you very much.

nice wire… keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks DDD,

Here is the blend file

I can’t wait to see the result :smiley:

Since you are sub-surfing the model in any case, maybe you can look around and do away with some loops (have marked a few that i can see)…helps to have a smoother surface.

Yes and no, the end model imo should be nice and even and a bit more dense than what you are suggesting. But that is ofcource after the overall shape is achieved.
Either way, as i said before this was done without blue prints, so nickmaster will still have a bunch of tweaking to do, to get it to the right shape and removing those loops you marked will be essential to getting a smooth shape, but adding them back will be just as importaint imo. Btw the middle one in the circle cant be removed it is tied to the bar thingy in the middle of the intake.

Thank you very much DDD,

I have never taught that the model will be improved as this. I will do my best to continue my Viper with a nice wire like yours.

I didn’t continue to work on the car yet because I was a bit tired to be on the same thing since a while so I started to create the scene where the car will be. It’s a futurist scene inspired by the movie TRON.

Thank you very much :wink:


AW! :frowning: you didnt do anything to the car…I hope my work doesnt go to waste… I know how you feel about getting bored, but u have to continue the car mate, dont let my edit discourage you!
Not sure this is the best environment to put your car in…but hey it is up to you i guess…

Don’t worry DDD,

I won’t give up the car another time. I just wanted to take a break. You’re right, maybe my scene isn’t the best environment for the Viper but I could put light stripes on the car and change a bit the design just to make it fit. I will use my imagination for this part.

Oh and by the way, I just switched to the 2.57 version. I’m a bit confused with the new position of the settings but I am learning slowly.

I progressed a bit on the Viper and I began to put the material of the paint. The mirrors of the car are made and the grill on the hood too.

Here is some renders :

All in red :

PS: I have a problem with the grill because I wanna make it follow the curve of the hood but I don’t know how. I heard about the lattice modifier but I’m not sure this is the appropriate way.

Thank you!

I know it is tempting to start coloring and adding easy details like the grille…but finish the actual car :slight_smile:
use a curve modifier for a grill along with an array modifier.

Thanks for the tip, but I have a problem since I work with the 2.57 version of Blender. I mean that when I try to add a circle, it’s alright except that I cannot change the number of vertices. Some websites say that we need to press the “T” key but when I do this, there isn’t any place where I can change the number of vertices in my circle. Can someone help me please?


T-Key brings up the toolbox.
When you add a circle, scroll down in the toolbox and you will see the options for it (number of verticies, etc…)
The important thing is not to go into edit mode or do any other operation.
You can also press F6 after adding the circle, and that will bring up a hover menu that will allow you do do the same thing.