dodge viper!

(blengine) #1

heres a dodge viper im working on =) took me about 8 hours so far… and it was a bitch! =) i payed attention to all the little details and worked hard on it…im not too happy with the scene though…its too clean and cruddy to me…
im gonna put it in a dirty wooden barn house with the light shining through the rotting planks…and im gonna change the paint to rusty white… yay
still to do:

  1. new interior
  2. new scene
  3. new textures
  4. =)

if u have any suggestions or comments, throw em my way please :wink:


oh, and the bg was made with terragen, in just a few clicks of the mouse :x
in fact, terragens the main topic in the book, 3d for dummies… click click, boom, wow!

(Pooba) #2

Looks nice! I like the water.

Where can i download terragen?



(blengine) #3

(dreamsgate) #4

dang!, that is way cool.

(starting to feel inferior LOL, digs out all the tutorials I keep meaning to get to.)

(YAYA) #5

Can you tell me where did you buy this car
and why do you post a photo of it on the forum?? :wink:

(LohnS) #6

i always say it imgrandpaboy, but it just needs to be said again.


looking great, very slick modelling, no artifacts i can see, can’t wait to see the new interior =)

i also love how you model things like blood, sweat (like from the first WE challenge), and the smoke coming out of the viper, it shows real edge, well done =D

(Goofster) #7


why not paint it in the standard (eek!) Viper colors? blue and white stripes?


(VelikM) #8

Very nice! You have a gift for modeling, the rest of your work rocks, but I really like the model.

(sten) #9

really cool car indeed !!!

(pofo) #10

I was wondering what you were working on since it’s been awhile (almost a week or so :wink: ) since you last posted anything new.

This one is really good. Model seems flawless (and I really tried to find something wrong with it).
Not sure I like the lightflare, but that’s a matter of taste.

  1. pofo

(dotblend) #11

can we see a wireframe?..
i sure would like to see a wireframe on the wheels.

anyhow… great model!

(dickie) #12

right on chris!
it’s coming along extremely well!

(blengine) #13

theres the wireframe =) nuthing is subsurfed in this pic

extreme thanks for all the comments! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:
pofo, i havent been rendering much cause im working on a project for a friend, and working on my new game everyday :smiley:
goof, i thought about standard colors, and am gonna use them for the next scene i make it for it =) which is almost done…
neo, thanks! lol, oh and the smoke was photoshop this time…and dont worry man, the barn scene will be full of blood dirt and smoke! ok, maybe not alot of blood, but some… :stuck_out_tongue:
yaya, i bought it off ebay :wink: it was a steal at only a mill…and the islands u see in the bg were bought off ebay too


(IngieBee) #14

Ok, I have a critique. I feel like, especially with the bright surroundings, that the paint is a bit too dull, should be a harder reflection, no?

LOL, and this from someone who can’t even think of attaining such realism!

Love and admire your work, Ingie