Dodge Viper

Hey everyone.

I am not quite sure that I am finished with this one, but anyway…

All in Blender using EnvMaps.

C&C welcome!


Yay! I like EnvMaps. Giving the old Blender feel. Nice work!

A floor would be nice.

Nice :smiley: Well modelled, and a GOOD render. The tyres don’t have any tread, and are not dark enough (they just need to be a little bit darker). It still looks great, though. Excellent job. :slight_smile:

ooo, nice render! great work!

Good work.

Tires could use a little more work, but nice job overall.

Good work, I can’t really find anything wrong with it, just the tires (tread, and darker), and some sort of simple scene around it.

Yeah, the old Blender feel… :slight_smile: Sometimes I think the newbies (no offense) have it all too easy, I mean all you have to do is push the Ray Mirror, and/or the RayTransp buttons, and that’s it, not like the good old days of envmaps and faked refraction :slight_smile:

nice work.

This thing would positively kick arse in an environment. You should go ahead and add one in - a street or garage or meadow or track or whatever you deem appropriate. Nice, nice model.

Thanks for all your comments! Yes, I have been thinking about making the scene, maybe sometimes in the future, right now here is the final render:

Zsolt, yes, that’s exactly how I feel sometimes. :slight_smile:


rims need reflection

Thanks for all your comments, here are some renders wihtout materials:


ive said it before, and ill say it agian. the tires are too fat. they need to be low profile, with big chrome rims. then it would be very cool.

i’m a huge sucker for clay renders. great jorb.

yeah for some reason they look so much better usually… anyway Antiggo I think I already expressed my feelings about this great renders at #blenderchat.

Me too. They just seem to look cleaner and better for some reason.

I also told you it was awesome in #BlernderChat, but I will again here too. Great work.


wow. I like the non-textured render. I dunno why.
I said it once and I’ll say it again…how did you get it so darn smooth?? :x

the material is excellent, without any doubt.

but the modelling is what attract me the most in this pic. Those gre colored render are simply perfect. I love the model so much! You did an outstanding job if you want my opinion.

Keep up the good work!

Wow, I love that grey render beyond words… :slight_smile:
It’s just…perfection… :o

yeah, finally smart renders!

and between… Good mod’!

impressive, very impressive, you should composite this model a little bit. Try adding some effects in GIMP (or photoshop).