Dodgy rendering

(humphrey) #1

I’m using subsurfs on a mesh to create this model, however while I’m creating it, these black parts keep coming up.
Is there a way to fix this?
It doesn’t effect the actual F12 render



(S68) #2

Switch to edit mode
select all vertexes

press CTRL+NKEY (Which recalcs normals outside.


(Atomike) #3

I’ve seen normals referenced many times, and this may be a good opportunity to ask what the normals are, and when I need to recalculate them (and maybe why they need recalucating in the first place). Thanks.

(ray_theway) #4

Atomike: I don’t know the technical definition of a normal, but it’s essentially the direction in which the face is pointed. Usually, a plane has two possible normals. To see what I’m talking about, select an object and go into edit mode. Go to the edit buttons and click “Draw Normals” and up the normal size a little bit (to see it better). The blue line extending from each face is the normal. With regular objects, it’s not always a problem if some of the normals are facing away from the camera and others towards it. However, subsurfs really make bad normals stand out. Pressing CTRL-N like Stefano said recalculates the normals so they face the same direction - outside. When you’re in edit mode, you can also flip normals with W - Flip Normals.

(Atomike) #5

Yes, that makes sense. How often do you guys mess with recalculating them? Do you always make sure that everything you render has been re-normaled? Or is this only for super-complex meshes? Do you find yourself recalulating normals every time you use blender, or just on occcasion? I’ve never messed with it is the reason I’m asking.

(humphrey) #6


my rendered model looks great now!!!

I’m really starting to like the subsurfs!!!

THey make modelling a LOT easier!