does 2.5 deserve all the hype?

i don’t know about you, but i feel blender 2.5 is being talked about as if it would bring so much awesomeness…

i mean, development has to go through some very radical changes to deserve all the hype… people are speculating it would be used in professional studios… all the apricot development will be included… this and that will be possible. it sounds as if some sort of magic will enter the development and change everything…

i, myself, don’t expect much from 2.5 but i’m afraid people are TOO hyped up about it that it won’t bring all the coolness they would expect…

I don’t know, I heard they were completely changing the modelling system… So that could have a huge effect on…well everything. I think old fashioned blenderers will hate it :slight_smile:

I heard it will be possible to make complete movies with it!

Also, it will have introduction music when you open up Blender 2.50 for the very first time. Rumours are saying it will be the sweet manly voice of Rick Astley you’ll be hearing, guiding you into a much improved workflow and all new interface. I have no idea what that all means, but hey, it definitely sounds catchy.

So, yes, I do think 2.50 deserves the hype. If they can get Rick Astley to sing, they can get Blender to rock.

I fully place my trust in Ton and his army of developers, and truly believe the result will live up to the hype. You should do so, too!

Well I hear that 2.50 will have the fabled “make a good movie” and “make a good video game” buttons. As long as those are included I wont be disappointed.

But seriously, try out some of the test builds on Graphicall. There is some cool stuff in development.

Does 2.5 deserve all the hype? We won’t know until it’s released. 2.5 will be awesome, just like every release of Blender is awesome . . . just more awesome than the previous one.

There will be radical changes, though not necessarily obvious ones. It probably will be used in more professional studios, even as it is now. The Apricot features will be included in that release, if not another mythical intermediary release.

It’s alright for you to have modest expectations, but don’t be afraid for others . . . they won’t be disappointed.

Lol! And the minimum plaform requirements will be Vista.

It deserves enough hype so that all the threads get locked at CGTalk.

if it has the singing thing I will probably make it my goal to bludgeon every blender developer to death with the default cube haha :). Why make it uber bloatware?

No it doesn’t deserve all the hype. And that’s because there a lot of false rumors, especially here at BA, about what to expect in 2.5. thing like new UI, new modeling system and so on…

If you take a look at roadmap there are two only two big thing mention for 2.50: “recode of core event structure” and “uniform API for access to tools”. Both which are “under hood changes” that doesn’t necessarily effect the user in the first place. Of course this will enable a lot of other cool things like custom hotkeys and macros, but it haven’t been stated that will happen in 2.50, only that such things are possible to code when the recode is done.

We really can’t know that yet.
There is no point in claiming that it will be awesome,
or that it won’t, before we get to try out the alpha’s

Even the under-the-hood changes should get hyped, especially since normally only the ‘cool’ features get attention, leaving the stuff that’s in the very heart of Blender ignored. Bad, bad, bad. Without this stuff there won’t be a cooler Blender than we already had.

But what do you want. One cannot expect a user to understand that stuff. A user is just a user.


ps. :ba:

From what I understand, the “under the hood” changes will make it a bit nicer on the coders to add features, which obviously affects users big time. I am willing to bet that the UI still won’t look like a Candyland board game, which will probably disappoint 97% of the users, because board games rock.

I`m more hyped just about the apricot features if they are included in 2.5 and the interface which you can see in action here >

It’s all true, I did a Mission Impossible style investigation at the Blender Institute and got this screen shot.
between the new render options and the percent awesome selector, this looks like the most newbie friendly blender yet.:smiley:

i knew it :cool:

Bah! you misunderstood me! Of course those features deserve to get attention (and the coders to ;)). Personally I think the things that been planned for 2.5 belongs to the one of the most important ones in blenders history. The problem the many people one this forum believe that 2.5 is the version when blender gets a completely new UI, or Ngons or true volumetrics or whatever… and what’s the point of being hyped if users expect something completely different.

And now for something completely different.

Everything that happens under the hood is important. I’m looking forward to 2.5, it should make coding easier, and being able to tie a macro to a key will be great. Can’t wait.

Ah, but users are still users, you know. Flocking theory etc. When one sheep jumps over the dyke, yadiyadiya.

I get your point about that, and you’re so right. If you look around the different forums, you’ll see that the developers always try to hold back the frivolous minds of the users. But there’s no end to the imagined features that Blender will get or not get. There’s not much we can do about. I tried with posting ugly WIP screencasts of Blender (, but even despite those…

Many users will definitely get disappointed, but at least it is not our (blenderdevs) fault.


Ok, to my knowledge what’s happening to Blender is this, in 2.5:

  1. Coding thingy’s you guys said( minus that singing at the begining) :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Multiple Viewports and Customization
  3. ALL the Apricot features
  4. By that time, SVN’s for Durian needs will be up, sooooooo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

From what I heard the event system rewrite will allow a bunch of cool new stuff to be added to Blender.

2.50 will be the release that vaults Blender into the future, prepare to see a possible flood of new users when this comes.