Does a tutorial playlist like this exist?

I’m looking for a video tutorial that goes through the entire process of creating a model for a game engine and everything needed to texture, animate, rig, and whatever else is involved in the process between modeling it and having a finished and game ready model.

I’ve looked through countless videos on youtube and there are so many different ways that people do things that it becomes confusing.

Hopefully something like this exists. Thanks in advance.

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My advice to you
Overall when you want to solve a big problem, split your problem into smaller problems that you can handle.
That way you will be better able to solve the big problems in life.

Following every action you see on a very long youtube, is not ideal (will you actually learn from it??), and people often forget to do things (or the filmer forgets to say things). So if you can devide your hige problem into smaller ones, then you might find multiple solution that you will be able to learn from. And be able to combine from.
Every time you find a small solution you could add it to your web brouwser favorite (so you can find it back when needed).

In the end you will know all about it, not because you copied a video, but you’ve studied your problem solved all its sub problems, and you know of different combinations to solve things, which is what makes people smart, because problems never seam to repeat themselves.
And more often your insights on looking at problems will change, so beeing able to adapt to that is crucial

It wasn’t really the videos that I wanted, just a workflow of everything that needs to be done from start to finish. Most tutorials on youtube are outdated or sped up so you learn nothing.

If I had a checklist of things to do I could look them up individually, but I only have bits and pieces.

If theres anyone out there that is familiar with creating game assets for UE4 that could explain their basic workflow that would be great.