does advance knowledge in math is required to code in python?

To be able to learn and code using python does a person required to have an advance knowledge in math?

or just the basic stuff would be good enough?

yeah…I suck at math subjects…but I like history a lot:yes: but history does not have any use when it comes to coding in python…

Not required BUT math knowledge is definitely of a great help to coding in python or what-so-ever another computer language. :spin:


so the basics will do? sweet :slight_smile:

I would say there is no prerequisites. You can learn as you go.

What I have needed during the trip:

  • Trigonometric functions cos(x) and sin(x).
  • Basic types of matrices: rotate, share, transform, scale.
  • Basic understanding of functions: the difference between f(g(x)) and g(f(x))
  • Proportions of (x,y) coordinates.
  • Some basic things about vectors and coordinate axes, like how to add a vector (1,2) to point (3,4).
  • Able to calculate the length of a vector, that is, the Pythagorean theorem.
  • Set operations: union, difference, intersection.
  • Calculating 2**n, for different n. You can try: 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,…

What I had needed, but what I don’t quite well understand:

  • Dot-product.
  • Quaternions and Euler angles, Gimpal-locks.

All of these being 3D graphic consentric, so the basic programming, I guess only some kind of understanding about the consept of a function.

wait…wha? sorry you lost me there on Pythagorean theorem… I mean what the… what the heck is Pythagorean theorem??? if all this is what I need to know to be able to learn python then…then… I guess there will be countless of sleepless nights for me…nobody said it’ll be easy…nobody said it’s going to be this hard… (I had to check the meaning Pythagorean theorem thingy that you mentioned on wikipedia…)

You don’t need to know those. Also depends on what your exactly doing in python. Learn how to use python first, then it should help learning other things such as the ones SnifiX said.

thanks guys:)

p.s I get distracted easily I don’t think learning python would be easy for me…but still…I’ve got to try :slight_smile:

@ blenderstudent - A nice idea! :eyebrowlift: