Does anybody know how I can import animations from Models Resource?

So, I’m not a very good animator, so I was hoping to study some professionally accomplished animations in 3D. Models Resource is a fantastic reference point for 3D modelling game characters, and some of the .zips come with animations in .smd or .dae format.

Unfortunately, my attempts thus far to import models with original animations have been a miserable failure. Can anybody point me in the direction of a tutorial or provide instructions for importing the model with animations of, for example, this model?

(On a related note, does anybody know how to import individual .fbx animations into an individual .blend file? I was just examining the Unity 3D Game Kit for best practices and was hoping to import the Ellen .fbx model with animations into Blender.

While Ellen herself imports fairly well…
enter image description here

…her animations are stored as a series of separate .fbx files in the directory, \Art\Animations\AnimationClips\Characters\Ellen . enter image description here

Attempting to import these results in another copy of the Ellen mesh, along with another armature, and no obvious animations.)

Many thanks in advance,


Hey folks, sorry to bump this - but is it possible that this thread is in the wrong section? I initially thought this would be an animation/rigging question, but maybe I should be asking people for technical support on this?

If so, is there any procedure for moving threads in BA?

Thanks in advance! =D