Does anybody know whats wrong with my texture paint?

I tried unwrapping my model before and I packed it and I had some areas left blank still. So I decided to clear everything and move everything to the side, I started texturing directly onto my model, does anybody know why the full uv space isn’t filled up black, even though theres nothing there, also how comes the shapes don’t correspond?

I used the ZenUV and Packmaster2 add ons if that helps with anything.

OK…when you started and created the Diffuse texture slot in the N panel did you name it? as I see you are using the checker from Zen-UV and not the one you created…That has to be done. Also…If you paint directly on the model it paints the islands leaving the spacing between… as far as the UV…it looks like you either didn’t have the complete model selected when UN Wrapping or a setting to use all the islands on a single UV map and ended up with split maps…

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Oh, thanks, nobody was responding for a while so I fiddled around and I fixed it somehow, not sure how I even fixed it lol.

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