does anybody think my scaling is off on this roof?

I tried scaling it down and it looks weird. so any thoughts and criticism would be good. sorry for the low render but if I crank up the samples it will take days to ask this question. I plan to put a ocean and sky backdrop in as well. the background right now is meant for hdr lighting but something is off on that as well

I don’t really know what you mean. If you are talking about the pitch of the roof, then it really depends where in the world it is located. If it is in a place that gets a lot of snow, then yes, it needs to be steeper. If it is in a place that doesn’t, then no, it is fine the way it is.

I just meant does the roof look bigger than the rest of the model. trying to learn real scale modeling so height and width of a roof compared to my railing on the bridge

Unless you are asking questions about the render, there’s no need to torture people with grainy low sample cycles renders. You can take perfectly fine OpenGL renders in a few seconds, with the Render Active Viewport button on the 3D Header. You can also save a lot of time by doing your modeling with Blender Internal turned on, rather than cycles, or by setting Viewport shading to solid rather than rendered.

If you are concerned with real world dimensions of things, google up some architectural plans and study them. Use “blueprints” or “dimensions” or “typical measurements” as search terms.

Of course, you probably won’t find typical measurements for a roof in the middle of a bridge, mostly because who builds roofs over the middle span of a bridge? It’s not that it’s the wrong scale, it’s that it’s there at all. So, since you are designing it, its dimensions can be what ever you think they should be.

You also have three lanes on your bridge. Not unheard of, but if you are not modeling an existing bridge, it would probably look better with an even number of lanes. Bridges don’t have passing lanes.

actually, my renders do look like that. and if I take care of the noise, my textures still look the same. I was told I was only using diffuse shaders and this is why my renders look like this. I thought cycles took longer. I have a cheap computer 2gb memory and 500 gb hard drive. so maybe I should use the internal render?