Does anybody understand autorig in 2.5

I’m fairly competent at Blender 2.x to 2.49 but 2.5 is doing my head in.
I’m looking at the auto-generated rigs in 2.5 and it seems to create two additional rigs.

I’ve been looking at the bones and whatlinks to what and what has a control to & from another bone. I am totally confused. I’ve viewed and re-viewed the auto-rig video on the Sintel/Durian site and still can not figure out what is going on with the rigs and how to get them to work properly. The IK/FK switching is probably where I need most help.

Does anyone have a tutorial on this auto generated rig and how to use it?

I’ve tried to clean it up by replacing bones with shapes, but one rig works then the other doesn’t and I now don;t know which rig to parent the mesh to.

I believe Campbell produces a tutorial video on how to use it, search around…sorry I don’t have a link.

Thanks Atom.

I’ve looked and hunted but can not find any tutorials on the 2.5 autorig concept.

I’ve been through the mancany disk and find it mighty difficult to translate that into 2.5 version. Oh well. Onward and upward.

Thanks anyway.

Check the durian blog for a video demo.


Thanks Harkyman & Fligh. That’s where I found it in the first place (Sintel/Durian blog). It is a most complicated rig.

I’ve started moving all the bones bit by bit to differing armature layers trying to get a handle on it.

The rigg is fairly complex, but not excesibly. Let me see if I can help a bit… The number of riggs it creates dependes whether you hay the “Create Deform Rigg” off (in that case it creates only 2) or ON (3). The idea is that in order to have IK/FK switiching you need at least 2 riggs working together with a copy rotation sort of constraint. Additionally, u could have a third, more simple rigg that is used only to deform (hence the DEF_ prefix in their names) the mesh. Now, it can be confusing right now for tow reasons: 1) Bones are in very inconvenient layers, 2) they have the standard visualization, which makes them hard to distinguish, but too give an example of how to use it, go to layer one (of the armature and look for a bone called hand_ik.L and in the panel u get from pressing n, under properties, change the ik slider value, and then move around the bone, and youll see the armature following in ik style.

I have problems with this rig to. I attached the vertex groups propperly to the base armature first. Then I generated the rig and chanced the name of the rig in the modifier. The problem is that the rig don’t take over the vertexgroups. Or maybe the mesh don’t take over the bones. Somebody know what I can try to fix it???

Solved my problem. Wrote rig in the modifier but it suppossed to be armature.001. Saw there wher created more rigs in the outliner. Didn’t expect there came more armatures in separated objects.

This rigging system rocks big time. Never was able to rig this well in blender. It’s a bless for me.