Does anyone else have a problem getting keyed particles to work or am l alone in my stupidity

The question is in the topic … . :unamused:

I’ve followed 2 tutorials to the Tee. That’s not a lot, but if you knew my attention span, you’d be impressed. The particles just aren’t moving from the first object to the second.

You haven’t provided enough information for anyone to know what’s going on or help

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I just tried an old setup from 2.79 and it still works in 3.3. Feel free to inspect it. Select each message and increase the particle count for a better look.
279_keyed_particles_this_is_my_message.blend (4.0 MB)

Im not sure what you did differently than me, my stats are the same as your stats, but it worked. Thank you Atom

if you really wanna know the reason, you could provide your blend file so we can check it out