Does anyone else think that a Human model head is needed on SHIFT+A?

With Pablo Dobarro already in the ULTRA TEAM (because a dream team is a low word for the awesomeness of having such awesome people working on Blender), does anyone else thinks that we need a default primitive human head on Blender using SHIFT+A, besides Suzzane?
This will help a lot of new first time 3d users.

Pablo dobarro = sculpting improvements
Default human head (male and female) using shift+A will incentive people to use the sculpting tools.

Yeah, I had primitive tools addon on 2.79 No one is porting it to 2.8.


In the meantime, you can use MakeHuman:


They have a task to include more built-in assets (including humanoid base-meshes for sculpting). I think it’s waiting on the asset manager being finished, though.


By now, anyone can upload these models to BlenderKit as free - then everyone can have these in Blender just by switching the add-on on, and it doesn’t have to be included in the release.

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It’d be nice, yes.

Speaking of basemeshes: @Jeacom’s Sculpt Toolkit add-on includes a number of adjustable base figures you can pose and then polygonize as a base for sculpting.

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  • Every skilled artist has their own idea of how to model a human head.
  • Every non-skilled artist is at least capable of installing the addon of their choice that would provide such a capability.
  • Having built-in canned presets means that every non-skilled artist ends up using them to produce work that looks alike. We already see this effect with certain well-known proprietary tools that shall remain nameless; do we want the same phenomenon to infect Blender?

Yes. Yes we do. Not everyone is into modelling human heads, humanoids, rigging etc. Not everyone considers themselves artists, we just have a job to get done. Although valuable skills to have for sure, I (for one) just don’t have the time or energy to pursue this. What I do at work sometimes requires rendering (interior spaces, but not your typical achiviz quality stuff), and it would be nice to add in a human mesh (preferably clothed) as it is a very good scale reference. Human looking, pbr ready materials, poseable with basic hair and clothes would be much preferred of course.

As for newbies, we can tell them to “add the human, how does the scale look”. Completely messed up scales are a source of many questions. And if they want to have a go at modelling, they can have a look at proportions, topology, and edge flow from something that is actually good looking by someone who knows what they’re doing. Last time I searched, I could only find either sexy near nude teen girls or stylish characters - why would I want that in something a customer will see (even if not the focus, could unintentionally become one :D). Ended up using freebies from Renderpeople (not to scale, and may have broken rigs - and we’ve seen these from rendered images from customers as well so I’m not alone :D), or even just some people silhouettes.

work that looks alike
Who cares? Why do you care what my work look like, its shown to customers only, not even on these forums.

I don’t think so.

People who have no interest in sculpting tools will not began because of a head model.
And sculptors are not just interested by heads.
Sculptors want to sculpt anything. So, images of full characters, of little sceneries that is what will convince them to try Blender tools.
If we see lots of Heads made by Blender users, it is because it is hard to reach polycount of a complete body or a little scenery.
To go beyond those limits, a Blender user have to suffer, accumulate a certain amount of skills or use a powerful machine.

So, just a Head is just rubbing salt in the wound. It implicitly sends the message that you can’t do more.

Why am I reading between the lines “shift+a is for advanced users”?
Because we just witnessed a full years’ completely revamping this mentality of “they are supposed to know” how blender works, by adding a lot of changes that went for the better for new users.
Don´t we think a new user will feel motivated to try sculpts on a human (relatable) face?
Oh boy. I really don´t like to run polls on the obvious.

Nope. I said “shift+A”. Make human is not beginner friendly. Specially for K12 education.

fantastic news. Thanks for the heads up. I know a lot of first-time 3d users who want to get into sculpting who will love these news.

Thanks for joining BlenderKit. I didn´t know about this feature. Is there a consize 2 minute video on how to do this? I got a lot of people who will be interested. I might even present the BlenderKit in the next Blender conference I will be doing if it works right off the bat. I´ll be aiming 12-16yo teens.

No, you are wrong. Several full body sceneries images have a more visual impact on anybody a complete newbies or traditional sculptors. It is just what I am saying.
When you take a look at a Pablo’s girl, there is a little story that is narrated by her clothes.
When you like to see a monster, you don’t want to see it with four paws on a flat flour.

What will you show with only heads ?
Head of an a young guy, an old guy, a pretty girl smiling, a monster with horns, with globular eyes.
Head with some accessories a hat, a cigar, long hair.
Because it is not obvious to be original.
At the end, it feels as much poor and depressing than pictures of cars.

It is pictures that you saw that will engage you to try sculpt tools. Not the presence of a realistic head model.
And as a basemesh to start a sculpt work : a realistic head sucks. You have to be skilled to do something nice derivative from that.

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“We already see this effect with certain well-known” <-- uhm, no I´m not you. I haven´t seen.
I use 3D coat as well. You have a base mesh for a human head. I got 20+ years exp in 3D, nice touch someone cared enough to lure me with an incentive to touch voxel modeling by placing a 3d mesh head for me. In that sense, yes I WANT that PHENOMENON to infect Blender.

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…oh! but we are ok with BlenderDoughnut subreddits? :slight_smile: (in regards of originality)
Can we even approximate how many of those donuts motivated new users to be solid Blender users?

A kind of armature wooden dummy would probably find more usages.
With OpenVDB remesher, all its pieces could be merged to start to sculpt an in-pose character.
It could be split and only its valuable parts for desired work could be kept.
It could be used as a ragdoll in rigid bodies simulation.
It could be used as a surface on the one, Grease Pencil artists could draw.

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Thinking even further, there will be a time, with “everything nodes” where examples of code will have to be bundle natively with blender 2.8+
I know downloading a file below 300mb is prio(rity) but in the long run, the software has to grow.
All I am saying is that every file that can get somehow as part of a native download pack on Blender 2.8 will make new users pro-active.

Creativity, originality, selling preset content…that´s a WHOLE other sand sac. And I´m not talking about it. The issue here is SHIFT+A, here’s something you can start playing with sculpt. There.

Hello David,
here is the video about how to upload models to BlenderKit.

To save users time, we check the quality before publishing, so it takes a day or 2 before things are public. This way we mainly filter out things that aren’t simply useful.
To have models that are base-meshes for sculpting -

  • Mark ‘production level’ as Template - this is there exactly for this type of meshes.
  • Upload as public
  • Mark ‘Free for everyone’, additionally, I’d recommend creative commons zero license in this case, because people might want to re-sell their products made from these templates.

There is by now a base mesh for sculpting, but it’s in the full plan You decide if things are free or not, we are always happy if people want to share for free.

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After glancing through a few of the responses the general condenses seems to be, “Yes… but.”
Personally I do agree that it would be helpful to those who don’t generally make humans/humanoid/characters in blender and needed general reference, props, or whatnot. But at the same time I think it would set an unnecessary precedent to new character artists.

agree, disagree?

To that end I’d be less skeptical of a “default” human in Blender as long as it was hidden behind an addon.

and… what leads you to this conclusion?

I just came across this post. I guess the DEVs think it´s a good idea to have a head sculpt?

Thank you.