Does anyone else think that the Blender text editor colors are really ugly?

Recently I switched from one text editor where I thought the colors were okay (Gedit) to another text editor where I think the colors are amazing (Sublime Text). Then I used the Blender text editor to write some Python for the first time in a while, and realized the colors are pretty horrible.

Whether you think the colors are actually bad or not, there are still two issues:

  • There is actually very little contrast in the color scheme which makes it harder to read
  • It doesn’t fit in with the rest of the UI. The color scheme hasn’t changed since 2.4x (Possibly earlier)

I think the colors are bad however. They give a sort of murky feel, and it’s the only place in the interface where most of those colors are used. The color scheme of 2.5+ is neutral backgrounds with monochrome text and colorful highlights, but this clearly isn’t true for the text editor.

I would like to hear what you think, and if you agree with me that it should be changed, I’d like to see your suggestions for new color schemes. :slight_smile:

I do think that the colours could use some work, but why not put together a theme for them, after they are customizable. If people like them then perhaps they can be made a default, or at the very least a bundled theme.

Text editor colours are already customizable. Also, you can checkout the other themes apart from the default one.

i already changed the theme for this
and now it’s part of my config file saved !

so not really a problem anymore !


I realize that they are customizable, but I want them to be better for everyone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I was talking to DingTo earlier and he said go ahead and make a patch. I’ll run the new color scheme by BA before I submit it though.

a better default with more color would be good !

but also don’t forget to change the font size to something more readable
like 10 or 12 instead of 8 !

we cannot upload pic here so cannot show what i did as theme !

happy blendering

I’ve changed mine to light colors on a dark (black ) background, more like a terminal window, it’s easier on my eyes than the defaults.

^ Optimally there would be a switch between a good default dark/light theme. I always use dark themes when I code.

Yes I agree. The line height needs to be bigger too, right now it’s very cramped.

If you don’t like the colours - change them. No point making a thread about it.

I’ll just put this here again.

Then make a theme as a proposed replacement.

Working on it, working on it. At the moment I’m writing some code to give myself some more options. Function and class declarations can be themed now, going to work on function args and class declaration inheritance things, whatever they’re called.

I have a policy of not talking about my in-progress code though. I rarely finish it if I do.

but if you want to show some pic i suggest you open a thread maybe in WIP
also if you want other peoples to show what set up they have so we can upload pic showing basic set up!

but there might be more then one set up that could be used !

happy 2.6

Only thing I would like to see as default is brighter background so you can see the text more clearly. But it´s not a priority for me because I can change color scheme at any time (thank whoever made that feature)