does anyone even know what language blender is written in?

(gregg) #1

Just curious. With all the hype about it going public I was just seeing if it was written in a common language.

(theeth) #2

C/C++ for the code
English for the comments in the code


(gregg) #3

thanks, wow…with a language as well known as C there should be tons of development.

(theeth) #4


(Briggs) #5

Just because a languages like C or C++ (they are different in more than just superficial ways btw) are well known dosnt mean that the code will be at all understandable. I’m sure those of us wanting to tinker with blenders guts wont have many problems, but there is some pretty obsuficated code floating around out there. It’s not too hard to understand what a peice of code does, but without proper order/documentation the trick is in knowing WHY it does it.