Does anyone have a clue about this?

I finished my Lego model and I uploaded it in Sketchfab. The only problem is that part of the model, a leg, an arm and a hand (which were duplicated and mirrored) are not showing correctly. I have checked normals, materials, doubles… Everything is fine and it shows correctly in Blender. Does anyone know what might be the problem?:frowning:

Object scale is negative and unapplied, so normals get flipped on export. That will be my only guess.

Prepare and upload an example .blend every time you ask questions, which is used for actual troubleshooting and you helping others to write the answers.

“I have checked everything” “I followed the tutorial exactly” these are the kinds of sentences that don’t help anyone. Use images to help you explain what the problem is and upload the demo .blend that contains the problem. Describing the problem is not enough to get accurate and quick answers.