Does anyone have a good Earth Model

I need an Earth Model for a project of mine. I’ve tried to map one myself, but it didn’t turn out so great. Can anyone help?

make a sphere and map the following textures on it

If you like this, post your e-mail and I’ll send you the blend file.


Send me the .blend file! Oh… sorry. This is puttputts post.

Hey, data65… how do you upload pictures to a post? I’ve been trying to do it but don’t know how! Can you help?


Set up an account at (free) and upload a picture. Then copy the URL that starts with IMG (in brackets) and then paste it where you type your message when you post. It should look like the following.

When you hit submit, your picture will be in your post. that’s it. If you really want the blend file , just let me know.