Does Anyone Have A Good Eyeball & Eyesocket Tutorial

Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to make eyes fit to the eye socket properly?


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BUMP. Looking for the same thing.

Do you mean how it fits in the skull or how it fits with the eyelid etc?
I would look up references to Facial proportions, How the iris is aligned with the corners of the mouth etc.

It’s a cartoon style mesh, so believability isn’t important. Getting the eyelids or socket close to the eyeball is a very fiddly task: I tried manually, which is a PITA, and I also tried using Shrinkwrap with a vertex group, which was okayyyyy until I moved the mesh (see another thread about that).

Shrinkwrap, applied, is probably the way to go, but I was wondering if there’s a nice workflow for doing this essentially mechanical modeling task.

Like: it might make sense to leave a very large socket, then copy points from the eyeball to the face mesh, and rebuild the ring manually-- then the edge is guaranteed to match. --Or, that might be a bad idea.