Does anyone have a Pre-compiled OSX luxrender build?

Hey, so my Lux render exporter just stopped working, and i have zero understanding of python or coding and had no idea how to fix it. i looked for pre-compiled versions of blender on GraphicAll, but for some reason they’ve deleted everything i ever found useful (grr!).
So i tried to download the newest version of the luxblend addon and install it myself, but now blender is even more broken.
so does anyone have a copy of the pre-compiled blender build with luxblend for Mac OSX, or know where i can get it from?

thanks in advance

Have you tried either of these on graphicall

those are builds of luxrender, not blender

EDIT: but don’t worry, i found out what was making luxbend crash and i’ve fixed it. i changed the name of a material, and my mix material could no longer access it