Does anyone have GUI for Yafray .033 or .032

the current version on their webpage
is totally bugged…or maybe i’m missing
some elements.

i have python22 installed as well as wxpython…
has anyone else had difficulties with the app?


I have GUI for yafray 031 which works fine for me. I tryed the new one too but had problems either because I was on windows or just didn’t take the time to figure it out- been kind of busy. If you want this one I’ll email it to you.

Thanks Schlops, I was going to mention your Bagisas as an alternative but being the scatter brain that I am this month I forgot - sorry.

Schlops hey, once Bagisas for window$ reaches the same level it’s @ on
Linux I’ll definately give it a shot!

Paradox, hell yeah! If you could email it to [email protected] that
would royally rule!


They are at the same level (well, different bugs on both versions, but who cares…), it is just an old screenshot (have to update this). At least you can also use the source under win, just install all the additional pystuff: wxPy, PIL and PyXML.

cuz i downloaded Bagisas and only had the tree view…
there was no pretty graphical interface…

oh cool, i just realized how to access the shader preview.

hmmm…is there a way to add bump maps or translucency through
your gui?

You need the update, too: (That way you only have to download the DLL stuff once and with every new version you only get the changed files)

bump maps: No(T yet)
transparent materials: just set the “trans”-color value (and maybe some T/Rcolor if you want caustics)


Hey Dickie, I tried to send the file to the email you gave above and it failed to be sent ( something like you don’t have an account at [email protected]). Any other email addresses or should I try again.

thanks paradox!

i typo-ed… :slight_smile:

here’s a couple:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

thanks again!