Does anyone have lots of SPAM in his/her mailbox?

If so, could you make a screenshot of it and post it here (or pm me). I need it as visual material for an exam essay for school, but my mail is clean.

Instructions for dummies:

  • Open your spambox
  • Press “Printscreen” at your keyboard.
  • Open paint (for windows users)
  • Paste the pic
  • Save it as jpeg
  • Post it here

This is not a silly joke or something, although it sounds like one. I even offer a model at request for the first one who gives me a useful screenshot.

P.s: I need it today, please :o

hmm… Lol
I guess, a single spam mail wont be enough? ^^

This is what I caught since yesterday evening after subscribing to I didn’t realize I would get this many e-mails from it so I consider it to be spam. Glad I didn’t subscribe to their text service haha.


It’s for school is it…

…So you won’t be wanting all the Porno then…:evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:

…Would have posted a pic, but all I seem to get is Porno…:evilgrin:

I’m sorry Sandrew, but I need more variation. I need at least a viagra mail and one about swedish watches/other stuff.

As long as there are no pics, it’s O.K.

i did…

Sandrew: Impressive, what do those guys actually do?

Doggie_B: It’s your lucky day, I’ve got about 7000 unread spammy e-mails. Let me know if you need more.

EDIT: Spam spam sausage eggs and spam…


They rent out rooms to students.

Lordcooper is the winner of the contest for the pic of his junkbox :smiley:

You just have to tell me what kind of model you need and recieve your price.

Sorry, you’re out of luck if you need it today, I hosed my Spam folder yesterday…

…It’ll take at least a week before it starts to fill again…:frowning: