Does anyone have martin upitis shaders?

Hey guys, I am watching the amazing vids of martin upitis 2d shaders on youtube for few moths now and I was literally AMAZED by them , and he was kind enough to give the download link to it, but now all of he’s download links are expired, and I need those shaders despirately! I hope some people might already have his shaders, if you have it, please give them to me too, thanks

Here are some 2DFilters I used for some bge demos years ago, I cant recall whose are they right now, but maybe you can find it usable for your needs.

There is also a video tutorial about ligthening in the BGE, and of course the blend file included with al the 2dfilters inside.

look for the empty object called “Fx” to see the logic brics, and go for the text editor for the filters.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks dude! You are truly asoweme!

Hey dude, can you please give me another link of this, because this link is not allowing me to visit your page, I think its because I live in India, have you made a youtube video on this? If yes, please give me the link of the video, or if you havent uploaded the video to youtube, please directly give me the blend file, thanks

Here is the youtube video:

Here the blend file:

Press “P” to enter game mode, and then press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc to activate filters

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Thanks dude for your quick reply!