Does anyone have the UPBGE EEVEE branch?


I found some videos on a branch of UPBGE that used the EEVEE renderer, and it seems to work pretty well. But for some reason, all the downloads have been taken down. So i’m wondering if anyone has the files on their computer still, or knows where i could download it.

(BluePrintRandom) #2

setup your PC to build blender

follow the same instructions but build upbge instead

switch to the eevee merge 8 branch and build it

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(smithian) #3

How’s the development of upbge going? There’s not much out there that’s as easy to use for games and real time events.

(BluePrintRandom) #4

I fixed a compound physics bug, and uniday studio added a new animation blending system, but other than that it’s quiet, except youle has UPBGE EEVEE up to date with latest blender sources,

I figured out a easy way to make meshes in game and export them to bpy also.
(a vertex ‘key’)

Loki said he would be back one day,
also @WKnight02 has been learning how to work Buildbot for us, and handling python stuff (he is very smart)

(smithian) #5

Nice. So what’s the workflow? E.g. is it python only without the old logic editor? And what about glsl and eeve? What parts do they play?


(BluePrintRandom) #6

youle restored the logic bricks etc, and anything he did not restore, he made sure bpy would work he said, I need to build it and test the thing again though , it’s been quite a while.

(smithian) #7

If you can build the window exe. I’d be keen to d/l and try it. Thanks for the quick reply.