does anyone know a good way to make land textures?

help please

what do you mean by land texture?
like gray scale?
like color one aplied directly to a grid?
like displacement mapping?
like a map?

i suggest you do it in gimp then uv map it to you terran.
(yes you’ll have to draw it)

If it’s for a height map play around with the Musgrave texture setting. You’ll need two. One low detail for the features and one bump for the detail. You can check it using displacement mapping on a subdivided plane, then apply the deformations (disable the bump map texture first) to allow objects to interact with the terrain (ex. if you want a man walking up a hill or climbing a mountain).

Alternately, you could download Wilbur. It seems the site has gone kaput, but the copyright notice says it’s freely distributeable as long as the copyright notice remains in tact, so if you’re interested PM my your e-mail address and I’ll send it to you. The greyscale maps don’t work to well for displacement mapping, but if you use the noise/smooth method on a subdivided plane and apply a bump map you should get decent results.

At the risk of hijacking the thread in case he was asking about grayscale for displacement mapping, I would be interested in knowing how to make a decent color map. The ones Wilbur produce don’t suit my needs, and I haven’t the slightest idea how to create a fairly realistic one.

i mean to show sand or dirt or rock