Does anyone know how to emulate Vram in Linux?

I want to emulate Vram with the motherboard RAM. Know how? Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.

I have a ASUS motherboard with a Nvidia Geforce2 GTS/Pro 32MB graphics card, 1.1 Ghz machine, 512MB RAM. Using Linux Fedora Core 5.

you mean using system RAM as your video RAM? This can be done if you have an AGP graphic card by setting ‘AGP aperture’ to 64mb or 128mb in the BIOS.

also make sure you have the motherboard driver and graphic card driver installed for the Linux.

Really? That’s all? That’s pretty simple. Thank you.

Yes, 32mb aperture means you’ll essentially have 32+32mb=64mb of total video memory, but remember that system memory isn’t as fast as video memory…

That said, your video card is REALLY old, if you invest in a modern card such as a geforce 6 or radeon X series, you’ll see much better system performance.

Yeah, my Geforce 2 is a really nice card, but what about compatibility? And what card is really good? I want a good one, not one that is a stripped version, like the MX 400 or whatever the number was.

Depends on your budget. But if you are on linux, i would suggest Nvidia all the way. They have much better driver support and opengl performance.

I would suggest a Geforce 6 upwards.

Although if you wait a few months, prices for the Geforce 7 should drop with the release of the Geforce 8.

GF6 upwards? That would mean that you have to spend more money on it than on the respective PCI-e counterpart. That would be imho a waste of money, cause its unlikely that you are going to upgrade to another AGP system. Next upgrade step will be more likely a PCI-e system so you won’t be able to reuse your card monster. I would save the cash for the PCI-e system and get a GF4TI instead, for which you pay almost nothing compared to its price when it came out. 25 bucks will do the job. It has 64 or 128 MB VRAM and shaders, that will be a huge performance leap and fits nicely to the 1,1 GHz CPU. No bottleneck left. My 2 cents.

Thanks a lot for the info.