Does ANYONE know how to make individual polygons invisible in realtime?


I need to make it seem like some of the polygons in the mesh have become invisible or transparent. Does anyone know how this can be done??

I’ve tried setting the vertex alpha values to 0.0, to no avail.

If anyone knew it would be a great help!

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Not got too much idea, but you could play with the api to see if you can get something working.

Perhaps the material or the isVisible or visible property on the KX_PolyProxy?

The only way i can think of, is making all the poly’s you want invisible a different mesh, than add an invisible actuator or flip the normals. But that will most likely give you glitches later on.

I’ve tried these ideas before, but I want to get any polygon or vertex to become transparent without doing much. I tried turning down the alpha value of the RGBA of the vertices which didn’t work, and flipping normals doesn’t work either.

Maybe if you make the faces alpha enabled, then they would react to the RGBA values. Alternatively, you could just move the faces to somewhere completely different (100 units downwards, for example).

How exactly do you make faces alpha enabled? Sorry, but I have no clue.

Click Alpha under the face settings dropdown box in the Mesh tab; if you UV-unwrap the mesh, it’ll be there; otherwise, the settings won’t appear.

If you want to do it in real time you can use nodes and vertex colors.
Of course that only works with non-rigged meshes.

I’ve got a test blend of what I’m trying to do… Can anyone fix it???

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alpha.blend (816 KB)

What the script are for?

Using your “alpha.blend”,

  1. Select the plane object.
  2. delete/unlink the script
  3. go to “material”
  4. at “links and pipeline”, enable “ZTransp”
  5. at “map to”, disable “col”, enable “alpha”
  6. enable “No RGB”
  7. beside that button, “texture blending mode”, choose “multiply” instead of “mix”