Does anyone know how to make the neibour kids stop bothering you?

I got these kids next door, who keep throwing their balls into our yard, which is inside the fence. Got any ideas to make them stop?

  1. Don’t give the ball back.

  2. Talk with their parents

  3. Egg their house :cool:

  1. Talk with their parents

Their parents sound like the type of adults that never grew up.

put poison on the balls and throw them back.

  1. get a life

this seriously bothers you, and it’s such an annoyance you had to bring the problem to the blender forums? I think you’ve got much bigger problems than this. lack of social interaction being numero uno

my girlfriend’s father has brain cancer. just be glad you’re healthy and don’t sweat the small stuff. it’s never worth it

+60 llama points for you.

That was a little harsh… I’m sorry about your girl’s dad, but that’s still not a reason to lash out on henrymop about something like this…

How about making the fence higher or spray skunk smell on the balls and give them back, then they’ll associate throwing them into your yard with a skunk smell and not do it.

But then they’ll probably call you skunky boy:confused:

More info please, age of you vs age of them. Big older brothers etc?

or if there’s too many and they just won’t go down:

In all seriousness, I agree 100% with TheNodeRanger. You really need to get a life if you’re this bent out of shape about other kids having fun. You sound like you’re almost jealous here…

Dittohead not to be topped by Valarking:

There…have fun. Mind you, I nor BlenderArtists take responsibility to any crap you may try to pull, legal or otherwise.


Well… Rethinking what I said earlier… You did kind of over react. As long as they’re not doing any harm to your yard, why not just let them be? Unless you’re known as Old Man Moppy around your neighborhood, I don’t see why you can’t just let it go…

hehe, maybe its time to MAKE the parents grow up…:cool::cool::cool:(call secret agents if you have to!)

Noderanger is right, though. I will just deal. It’s not that hard now, anyway.

arrgg!! no, you’re giving in to the enemy!! if you’re like me, you find that little children are evil, and need to be eliminated. though such course of action is prohibited in most states (remember: loopholes), there are alternatives. shout at them to cut it out. post no trespassing signs on your property. place an aluminum bat on a window sill, in a window that faces their house. plant flowers, just to have an excuse to get pissed. or, if you want to go and be “mature” about it, take a ball that gets stuck in your yard, and take it with you when you go talk to their parents. ask them to sit down and listen to you, and politely ask that they keep their toys on their side of the fence. children may be the most annoying thing in the world, but with patience and a solid set of rules, they can be tamed, and grow up to be productive members of our society. but until then, they’re just spoiled little brats. you’ll deal with it.

“arrgg!! no, you’re giving in to the enemy!! if you’re like me, you find that little children are evil, and need to be eliminated.”

RagMan, that’s why I listed my first choice of action.

I give this thread my approval.

Hey - They’re not evil, just misunderstood. My kids, for instance like to spend heaps of time on the computer - My nine year old is just starting to get into blender. But still, I send them outside to get some sunshine.

They like playing soccer best, but they’re really not that great. They try their dear little hearts out, but keep missing the goals in our yard and kicking the darned thing over the neighbor’s fence.

But still that’s not… oh wait…


never mind. :wink:

Go next door and plaster pr0n all over the windows. The kids will then be more than happy to stay inside.

Throw poo at them… that usually repels them pretty well.