Does anyone know how to use Intersect more efficiently?

(tlaloc58) #1

I know I’m not the only with this problem but it seems that using the intersect feature with some objects makes blender crash. The thing is that it doesn’t happens all the time. With other figures seems to work ok. Does anyone know some tips that I can follow to make it work better?

(Eric) #2

My only tip would be that you should wait for version 2.25 to be released.

(DAK) #3

I also had this problem. My blender manual says to sub divide your objects (planes) more for better boolean results, but this also causes blender to crash on me :frowning:
My solution is to avoid booleans as much as possible when you can.

(phlip) #4

If two faces to be intersected are exactly co-planar(ie they line up) blender will crash.
avoid this by rotating each object to be intersected about .1 degree and try again

(S68) #5


intersection is very crash-prone.

Problems gets more probable if

1 - faces are coplanar or nearly so
2 - faces are very elongated
3 - intersecting faces are very different in dimensions

Usually subdividing helps as well as moving.


(DAK) #6

Strange, when I subdivide the crashing tends to get worse with intersect.
I think there is an upper limit of data intersect can work with?

(S68) #7

Well, maybe you subdivide too much :slight_smile:

you should subdivide only the coarser object so that faces dimensions tends to be almost equal to those of the finer object…

Then it is a smart thing to select only those faces which WILL intersect (saves time!)

If you are really desperate there is a technique of mine called ‘Giobbe’ (from the biblical Giobbe, the one well known for his patience)

You join the two meshes,

zoom a lot.

1 Select few faces which WILL intersect.

2 Intersect.

3 Remove doubles

4 Remove/separate the results


6 Go back to point 1

Go on untill the complete intersection is computed.

Good luck


(theresnothi) #8

How to crash the intersect (it has done it to me every time i):
Press NUMPAD 1. Add a cylinder, 32 vertices. Double it’s size on the y axis. Press NUMPAD 3, add a cylinder, 32 vertices. Double it’s size on the x axis. Now press INTERSECT and you get “Error: This program has performed an illegal operation and will be terminated. If this problem persists, contact tht program vendor.” in windows.

I don’t know how to fix it except not doing this or any other crash prone action.

(wiseman303) #9

I find the intersect tool likes quads over triangles. If a mesh is triangulated intersect crashes much more often than not.

(tlaloc58) #10

I think that the intersect tool is a bit tricky tool so I guess is just a matter of finding its limits and just use it according to them. Thanks again.

(muteinvert) #11

could anyone gimme blender 2.24?